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This page hosts listings of curated research and creative practice funding, grant, fellowship, and workshop opportunities — as well as occasional and select conference and publication calls for submissions.

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Some Past RFPs and Opportunities

Workshops & Info Sessions

Federal Funding

Foundation Funding, Fellowships & Awards

Municipal, Non-Profit, NGO, and Community-Regional Engagement

There are no current municipal, non-profit, NGO, or community-regional engagement opportunities listed at this time.

Industrial, Corporate, and Business Engagement

There are no current municipal, non-profit, NGO, or community-regional engagement opportunities listed at this time.

Prizes & Society Competitions

There are no current prize or society competition opportunities listed at this time.

U-M Internal Funding

U-M Internal Fellowships & Awards

Conference Calls for Submissions

Journal / Publication Calls for Submissions

  • LIVABLE CITIES – NEW YORK Conference – Abstracts Apr 20th

    ———- Forwarded message ———From: Management Team <mgt@amps-research.com>Date: Tue, Feb 7, 2023 at 5:32 PMSubject: [Cornerstone] LIVABLE CITIES – New York. Abstract deadlineTo: <CornerstoneArchitecturalScholars@googlegroups.com> LIVABLE CITIES – NEW YORK Conference: Abstracts New York / Virtual 14-16, June 2023  Abstracts: April 20th, 2023 (Final Round) – A cross-departmental conference held at City Tech (CUNY) with the Department of Architectural

R+CP Capacity Support & Infrastructure

  • UROP accepting applications for summer 2023

    Apply now to request a UROP student fellow to help support your research plans this summer. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, research scientists and advanced graduate students are eligible to be UROP research mentors. UROP provides students’ stipend salary, skill-building workshops, and $500-800 per student for mentors to cover research-related expenses. Apply to renew or submit a new project

  • Research Data Stewardship Best Practices

    Across all stages of the research life cycle and all fields of study, researchers consider the potential long-term impacts on the eventual storage and preservation of research data. This set of resources serves as an entry point into data stewardship practices that will help researchers save time, address funder requirements, and ultimately maximize the impact of their

  • [OVPR Resource] Roadmap for Large-Scale Proposals

    In an effort to increase the competitiveness of U-M teams seeking large, external research grants, OVPR has created a Roadmap for Large-Scale Proposals, launched this week by the OVPR Research Development and Proposal Services team. The Roadmap outlines a variety of considerations while planning and competing for externally funded, large-scale proposals. Faculty seeking research grants in excess

  • OVPR Research Development & Impacts Services

    You are also encouraged to visit and utilize the OVPR Research Development & Impacts Services to learn more about other research development and proposal services provided by OVPR. FUNDING & PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT: help develop individual research plans that align with your career goals funding consultations and help developing proposal ideas draft and edit grant proposals and supporting proposal

  • Data support from UMSI

    Researchers seeking assistance with formulating data problems, collecting and processing data, analyzing and modeling data, and presenting and integrating results into action are invited to share a project idea for consideration.

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