Workshop (Feb 10) on Future Manufacturing: Brainstorming New Ideas, Identifying Opportunities, and Initiating New Collaborations

NSF puts out a yearly call for proposals in Future Manufacturing with a goal of supporting fundamental research and education of a future workforce to overcome scientific, technological, educational,economic, and social barriers in order to catalyze new manufacturing capabilities that do not exist today. Award sizes can be up to $3M for four years.

The best proposals involve faculty from outside manufacturing collaborating with manufacturing researchers to generate truly unique ideas. To facilitate such collaborations, a small team of experts is organizing a one-day brainstorming workshop on February 10. Please see the attached flyer for details on how to apply. Let any of the organizers (listed in the flyer) know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

Call for Participation: The organizers are seeking participants with a diverse range of expertise outside manufacturing who are interested in collaborating with manufacturing researchers to develop unique ideas in Future Manufacturing, particularly in the areas of: Future Cyber Manufacturing Research, Future Eco Manufacturing Research, and Future Biomanufacturing Research. Participants are encouraged to apply for this one-day workshop. Attendance will be confirmed at least 1 week before the workshop. Please see the attached doc with key dates overview and apply for the workshop here: