Waived Indirect Costs (IDC) for DEI-related, foundation-funded projects

If you wish to request a reduction in IDC rate, please fill out the IDC Waiver Request Form

Some sponsoring agencies may refuse to fund IDC recovery at the rates outlined by the University. In such cases, the College will consider approving some categories of direct costs to meet the 21.4% threshold that U-M units are required to pay the Provost’s Office on all expenditures.

Beginning in 2018, the College made a strategic commitment to waive IDC for foundation-sponsored projects where content aligns with the College’s DEI Strategic Plan, and the foundation refuses to fund IDC recovery.

All exceptions to the minimum IDC rate must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean for Research + Creative Practice and may involve discussions or negotiations with the external sponsoring agency. Where the financial implications of waiving the IDC rate requirement are significant, consultation with the Dean may be required prior to approval.

College DEI Strategic Plan

At Taubman College, we want to create new knowledge, research, and creative work across architecture, urban design, and urban planning that enables persons of different race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender expression, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious commitment, age, and disability status to equitably shape their environment through buildings, design, and policies. Please keep the above definition of DEI in mind as you make any declarations. More information can also be found on the College website, including the College DEI Strategic Plan.

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