Dissemination Funding for Presentation at Peer-Reviewed Venues

The College supports the dissemination of completed or substantially completed peer-reviewed work, including conference and exhibition participation. These funds are available to all faculty

  • For conference travel, the College is able to support up to a maximum of two conferences per faculty member per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) as available funds permit. 
  • Funding covers airfare (economy/coach), ground transportation, conference registration (early bird rates only), and reasonable hotel rates during the conference period only. 
  • Per diem for food and extended accommodation is not covered by the College. 
  • Current cost guidelines aim for less than $1800 for domestic trips; $2800 for international trips. 
  • Faculty will be funded at a rate proportional to their appointment within Taubman College.

Faculty research and dissemination travel will adhere to U-M guidelines. Dissemination funding will be available for faculty to attend peer-reviewed conferences, and we recognize that more events are being conducted remotely. 

Proposals for support should include the following:

  • Narrative explaining reason for request
  • Budget
  • PDF copies of paper acceptance emails, as sent by the conference; website posting of the conference registration fee; conference hotel rates; Concur flight estimates etc

Please use Concur to estimate flight costs, and ensure all travel purchases align with U-M purchasing policies. If you are uncertain whether a specific dissemination opportunity qualifies for support, please contact the R+CP Team.

Faculty are requested to be prompt in submitting requests immediately following conference paper acceptance. Faculty dissemination funds do not support the publication of student work and are not able to be utilized to support student travel. 

Funds cannot be provided to faculty who are unable to attend the proposed events.

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