Get It Going Microgrants

Sometimes just a little support can get projects going. 

The “Get It Going” program is jointly funded by the Associate Deans of Research + Creative Practice and Academic Initiatives. It provides small, timely awards to faculty-led working groups to instigate, explore, and develop ideas and projects through meeting and workshop-style activities around research, creative practice, scholarship, teaching and pedagogy, through new and emerging collaborations. 

Principles of the “Get It Going” program:

  • Collaborative
  • Nimble
  • Fast Action
  • Purposeful but Playful
  • Mutually Supportive and Inclusive
  • Driven by Curiosity

Funding Amount: from $500 to $1500

Eligibility: Applicant teams require a minimum of three participants with a faculty lead from Taubman College. The program welcomes proposals from faculty at any rank. Teams may include other faculty, staff and students. Multi-disciplinary collaborations across other campus units are encouraged. All collaborators and participants beyond the three leads (inclusive of students, faculty, staff and external partners) should be listed in the proposal.

Requirements: Think 3×3. A minimum of three working meetings or group activities throughout the academic year with a minimum of three participants. No final report is required. Instead, you will be invited to  submit three documentary images of your activities, with captions. 

Possible Activities: A reading group, a writing group, developing a grant proposal or project, developing a white paper, workshopping new pedagogical strategies, meetups with community partners, local site visits, collective consideration of emergent projects. .

Eligible Expenses: Food and beverages for meeting/workshop events (excl. alcohol), common writing and reading materials, common prototyping materials, mileage for local travel, tickets for common activities such as exhibits or films, honoraria for guests, space use fees, student assistant hourly wages.

Inappropriate Expenses: Conference registration and travel, publication costs, costs associated with already funded projects (these awards are intended to instigate and develop new and nascent activities and are not intended as supplemental funding for existing projects), costs to support activities in a current studio or seminar.

Deadlines + Stipulations:

  • Applications will be accepted and awarded on a rolling basis until the funding pool is depleted.
  • Faculty are eligible as leads for one Get it Going award per academic calendar year.
  • Get if Going awards do not impact internal Seed or Dissemination fund request limits.
  • All activities must be completed and expensed by June 1st. 

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