Dropping and Adding Courses

Students are able to make changes to their schedule up through the Drop/Add Deadline each term. The deadline for full term courses is approximately three weeks after the first day of classes. You can view the full list of registration deadlines here on the Office of the Registrar website. Make sure you filter the results for the correct term.

Students will receive reminders from Taubman College Student Affairs as deadlines approach each term.

Some related notes to keep in mind:

  • Since students are welcome to add and/or drop classes until this deadline each term, faculty expect to see students coming and going during the first few class sessions as everyone settles into the right schedule.
  • It’s important that all students check their registration by this Drop/Add deadline each term to ensure they are fully registered for the correct courses.
  • Half-term courses (such as the Foundational Studio Modules for BS Arch students) have different Drop/Add deadlines than Full-term courses.

Drops after the deadline are possible*. They are considered Late Drops and will result in a grade of “W” (official withdrawal) being listed on their academic record. 


Taubman College Undergraduate students may submit late drop requests by the Week Nine deadline each term. This is effective as of Fall 2024 to align with the common timeline for undergraduates across campus.

Taubman College Graduate students may submit late drop requests through the last day of the classes for the current term. 

Details for Students

Before dropping a course, you are strongly encouraged to discuss the consequences with your instructor and academic advisor. Late Drops require multiple layers of approval, the first of which is your instructor. Dropping a course may result in extra time and costs to complete your degree.

To submit a Late Drop Request:

  1. From the Student Center, click Backpack/Registration, then click the Drop tab. 
  2. Select the course and click Drop Selected Classes. 
  3. On the confirmation screen, verify you selected the correct class and click the Finish Dropping button.
  4. If you are eligible to submit the Late Drop request form electronically, a Request for Late Drop button displays. Click the button to access the form. 
  5. If you are not eligible to submit a request, an error message is displayed.

Once your request is submitted it will automatically be sent to your instructor for approval. Their approval will forward the request to Taubman College Student Affairs for program approval. Finally, the request will be processed by the central Office of the Registrar. This process may take a few days. 

Details for Faculty

If a student submits a Late Drop request, you will receive an email to approve or deny the request. More information on this can be found on the Faculty Business Help Menu.
Please note that if you have a GSI(s) for your course, they will also receive the add or drop request. The system sends the notifications to all instructors listed on the course. The faculty instructor is the one who should be approving the requests. Please let your GSI(s) know that they should not be approving drop/add requests.

Unofficial Drops

An unofficial drop is when the student does not complete a course and does not obtain permission for a withdrawal. Unofficial drops are recorded on the academic record as an “ED”. Provided the course is taken for a letter grade, an “ED” will be counted as an “E” when calculating grade point averages and no credit is awarded toward the degree.

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