Auditing/Visiting Courses

Students may explore the option to enroll in a course as a visitor (auditor) rather than receive credit. A visit (audit) is not counted towards degree credit requirements and is not calculated into GPA. 

The student should confer with the instructor to reach an agreement on what will constitute satisfactory completion of the course. The student should generally expect to attend class regularly and may be asked to submit assignments and take examinations. 

Students must be fully enrolled in a course in order to visit (audit) it. Then specific paperwork modifying your enrollment to accurately reflect your status as a visitor (auditor) is required. 

Students interested in visiting (auditing a course) should contact

A course elected as an official audit will appear on the academic record with the designation “VI,” but no credit will be awarded toward the degree and grade point averages are not affected. The credits are counted in regard to the tuition charges for the term.

Unsatisfactory completion of the course requirements, as determined by the instructor, will result in an “ED” (unofficial drop) on the academic record. The “ED” will not affect grade point averages because the course was not elected for a letter grade.

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