Academic Wellness Checks

Your instructors and Taubman College Student Affairs care deeply about your well-being and success. Throughout the semester you may be contacted by a member of our team for an Academic Wellness Check. We may reach out because one of your instructors let us know you’ve been absent, unresponsive or disengaged, or we might randomly select you because we just want to hear how you’re doing. These check-ins will allow us to more proactively connect you to resources in the moments you need them most and also help us understand how everyone is doing in a more individual way. 

Academic Wellness Checks are not punitive nor should they cause any distress. They are simply part of an intentional effort on behalf of the college to create an environment where each student can thrive, knowing that their academic and personal well-being is prioritized. 

Details for Students: 

Academic Wellness Checks are most often initiated by faculty or staff, but you are always welcome to reach out to Student Affairs directly. Schedule an academic advising appointment and select “Academic Difficulties” as your topic of interest in your pre-appointment survey or drop by our offices in Rooms 2326 and 2328. 

Details for Faculty: 

Academic Wellness Checks allow you to alert your program chair and our academic advising staff about students who are absent, unresponsive, disengaged or struggling during the academic year. They are an ongoing resource available for you to submit concerns at any time during the term. To submit one, complete this Google Form and the Student Affairs team will follow through with the appropriate next steps.

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