Preparing For Graduation

Preparing for graduation includes applying to graduate and completing a final degree audit (aka official review of your academic record). Both are required.

Final degree audits will be completed via email to avoid adding yet another Zoom call to your calendar. 

Action Items

Step 1: Apply to Graduate

To prompt your final degree audit, you first need to officially apply to graduate

The Application to Graduate is an online form accessed through your Student Center on Wolverine Access. You’ll see the option to Apply to Graduate in the drop down menu on the left. 

Make sure you enter the correct graduation term within the form. 

  • If you plan to graduate in December, select Fall.
  • If you plan to graduate in April/May, select Winter.
  • If you plan to graduate in August, select Summer.

Step 2: Final Degree Audit

After applying to graduate, Taubman College Student Affairs will begin your degree audit and send you an email with further instructions on any next steps you may need to take. Please check your email regularly for communications from 


Students should apply to graduate three months prior to Commencement. You will receive reminders from Taubman College Advising. 

If you plan to graduate in:Submit your graduation application in:
DecemberSeptember or October
April/MayDecember or January
AugustMay or June

Degree audits are completed on a first-come, first-served basis, and may take a few weeks based on the number of records to process.

Additional Action Items for students with multiple credentials (dual degrees, degree + certificate)

Step 1: Apply to Graduate

All certificate students must also apply to graduate from their certificate or second degree program. If you are enrolled in two programs, you will submit two applications to graduate.

Step 2: Complete Dual/Joint Degree Election Form

This step is only for students completing a Rackham program. If one or both of your programs (degree and/or certificate) is a Rackham program, you need to complete a Dual/Joint Degree Election Form. 

You’ll need to list the courses to be applied to one program on one side and the courses for your second program on the other. Any courses being double-counted, should appear on both sides and be designated with a DC. 

  • If both of your programs are within Taubman College: Fill out the form and submit it to We will obtain the required signatures for you and submit the completed form to Rackham. 
  • If one of your programs is not a Taubman College program: Fill out the form and submit it to first. We will obtain the required signature for your certificate and return the form to you for submission to your other school/unit. 

If you have any questions while filling out the form, contact your academic advisor(s) for one or both of your programs.

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