Course Waivers

A student may seek a waiver for any course(s) listed as deficiencies in their letter of admission or from course(s) that are required for the degree. Course waivers should be requested upon the beginning of classes in the Fall and approved before the end of the official drop/add date for the current semester. 


Course waivers do not reduce the number of credit hours required for the degree. Course waivers waive the specific requirement, not the credits.

Details for Students

To request a waiver, share the appropriate waiver form above along with a copy of your transcript and any supporting materials to demonstrate your background with the course content (eg. course description, syllabus/reading list, projects/drawings, etc.) with the instructor of the course you are requesting to be waived. The instructor will review your materials and, if approved, sign off on this form. The form is then returned to the College Registrar or Assistant Registrar and placed in your file.  

  • M.Arch Students: Course waivers are most often utilized to resolve deficiencies.
    • ARCH 572: Architectural Theory and Criticism is not waivable.
    • As of 2024, the M.Arch History Elective Requirement (for 3Gs) is not waivable.
  • MURP Students: A microeconomics course taken at another institution may be used to waive URP 509, at the discretion of the faculty member responsible for teaching the course. Some specific advice on how to decide whether to pursue a waiver for URP 509 is available on the MURP Degree Requirements page

Details for Faculty

If you approve of the course waiver, forms can be submitted to Student Affairs in-person or by email to You can add your electronic signature to the actual form or email the form to us and indicate your approval in the body of the email.

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