Deficiencies are noted within your individual Admissions Letter to the Master of Architecture program and must be fulfilled before you will be granted a degree. 

Courses taken to fulfill deficiencies do not count towards your overall required credit hours for your degree. 

Graduate courses, especially those taken for credit towards your M.Arch degree, cannot be used to fulfill undergraduate deficiencies you had upon admission to the program. 

Students are strongly encouraged to make every effort to fulfill deficiencies (through waivers or coursework) as early as possible. You don’t want to delay your graduation because you have avoided addressing your course deficiencies.

Options for fulfilling a Deficiency

Appeal the Deficiency

If you believe a deficiency should be waived/modified, and it is before July 1. Contact to have your materials re-evaluated. 

Request a Course Waiver

Follow these instructions to demonstrate your mastery of the course content and request that your deficiency is waived. 

Take a course 

Master of Architecture students with deficiencies in Calculus and/or Physics may fulfill them by taking courses at U-M or a community college, or by enrolling in online Calculus and/or Physics courses through StraighterLine. Deficiencies in Calculus and/or Physics MUST be resolved before starting your second Fall term.

Master of Architecture with Advanced Standing students should register for the following:

  • Deficient in Structures I: ARCH 314 (only offered during Fall terms)
  • Deficient in Structures II: ARCH 324 (only offered during Winter terms)
  • Deficient in Design Fundamentals I: ARCH 316 (only offered during Fall terms)
  • Deficient in Design Fundamentals II: ARCH 326 (only offered during Winter terms)
  • Deficient in Architectural History: ARCH 413 (only offered during Fall terms)
  • Deficient in Construction: ARCH 417 (only offered during Fall terms)
  • Deficient in Environmental Systems: ARCH 425 (only offered during Winter terms)

Courses taken to fulfill a deficiency cannot be taken pass/fail. A grade of C- or better is required.

Contact for assistance registering for your deficiency courses.

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