Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to select admitted students within all Taubman College undergraduate and graduate degrees. This funding is awarded one-time, only at the point of admission to the program. 

Notifications of Scholarships

Students receiving a merit-based scholarship are notified of the scholarship in their Taubman College offer of admission letter.

Terms of Scholarships

Scholarships can only be applied toward the cost of tuition (no fees).

Scholarships are typically distributed evenly over the terms of the degree:

DegreeNumber of TermsDegree Type
BS Architecture & BS Urban Technology8 terms
Architecture:  Fall-Winter each year
Urban Technology:  Winter-Spring (year 1); Fall-Winter (thereafter)
Non-Rackham DegreeUndergraduate 
Master of Science in Architecture Research and Design (DMT)3 terms:  Fall-Winter-FallRackham Degree
Master of Urban Design3 terms:  Fall-Winter-FallNon-Rackham Degree
Master of Architecture (Advanced Standing)4 terms:  Fall-Winter each yearNon-Rackham Degree
Master of Architecture (3 Year)6 terms:  Fall-Winter each yearNon-Rackham Degree
Master of Urban and Regional Planning4 terms:  Fall-Winter each yearRackham Degree

Maximum Amount

Taubman College will only award a maximum of full tuition for any term a student receives a scholarship. If a student’s tuition costs are determined to be less than the scholarship award received for any reason, the difference in amounts cannot be transferred to another term or administered as a stipend. Students who graduate early will forgo all scholarships for remaining terms. Undergraduate scholarships cannot be used for future graduate studies.

Maintenance Requirements

The two primary requirements to retain a scholarship are based on enrollment and minimum cumulative GPA.

All students must be enrolled full-time, per the U-M definition of full-time enrollment.

Non-Rackham Degrees

Graduate Students: A minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA is required to retain a scholarship.

Undergraduate Students:  A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to retain a scholarship.

Rackham Degrees

Graduate Students: A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to retain a scholarship.

No final grade lower than a B- in any one course.

Students who fall below the minimum requirements will receive a warning letter and will be required to work with Student Affairs on an academic recovery plan for one term. If a student’s cumulative GPA does not meet the minimum requirement after that warning term, the scholarship will be revoked for all remaining terms.

Change in Student Status

  • Students who withdraw from their degree program for one or more semesters may lose their scholarship.
  • Students who discontinue their degree program will lose their scholarship.
  • Students who are readmitted are not eligible to have their scholarship reinstated, even if they have the minimum GPA.

Dual Degree Students

Dual degree students should consult with the Taubman College Registrar to determine how best to arrange the scholarship disbursement according to their dual degree program of study. Typically, this will result in funding being distributed over fewer terms (e.g., a MURP student would have their scholarship distributed across 3 terms rather than 4). The student must be registered for at least 6 credits in their Taubman College subject to receive the corresponding scholarship award disbursement during any given term. 

Intra-Transfer Students

Students who intra-transfer between the B.S. in Architecture and B.S. in Urban Technology degrees will retain any scholarship awarded by their initial program of admission. All maintenance requirements outlined above remain in effect.

GSI/GSRA Positions and Impact on Scholarships

When a student receives a Taubman College GSI appointment for a term, the GSI/GSRA tuition benefits (amount determined by GSI/GSRA appointment fraction) replace any Taubman College scholarships awarded for the same term of the GSI/GSRA. These scholarships cannot be held nor applied to future terms. 

Named Scholarships

Some Taubman College scholarships are named for donors or in honor of other individuals. Named scholarships may be reassigned from year to year based on their established criteria and/or availability of funding. These reassignments will not change the amount of scholarship funds awarded to a student.

Leave of Absence

Students who take an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) from Taubman College will automatically have their scholarship put on hold for the duration of their leave. If an LOA is extended, then the scholarship may be extended, but it is neither guaranteed nor automatic.


A student seeking to appeal reinstatement of a scholarship must submit their letter to the Associate Director of Student Affairs. The scholarship appeals committee includes the Associate Director of Student Affairs, College Registrar, and Executive Director of Enrollment Management. Chairs and/or Chief Financial Officer may be consulted as needed.

Before an appeal can be approved, the Chief Financial Officer of Taubman College must approve the funding.

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