Set Up Project

After submitting your proposal and being awarded the grant, set up your project with the Research Administrator / R+CP Team to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

After submitting a proposal, and when setting up a new project, make sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure all Principal Investigators, Participating Investigators, Research Assistants, and Students have completed the required PEERS online training.
  2. Carefully review the Notice of Award (AWD) email alert sent to the PI. Make sure you are familiar with all terms and conditions of the award, and confirm that they match your proposal, particularly any budget allocations, and cost-sharing to be borne by the College.
  3. Work with our Research Administrator to create a project short code.
  4. Confirm space allocation: if your space needs are significant, this should have been requested during the Develop Proposal stage.
  5. Schedule/procure equipment: check the Manage Project page for more information on purchasing procedures at the University
  6. Hire personnel: reach out to HR (Qiana London) or the R+CP Team if you have any questions about this; otherwise, fill in this Student/Temporary Employee Request form.
  7.  Also review the Student Hiring Process: A guide for faculty and staff.
  8. Review schedule and timeline for deliverables: it can be helpful to set up calendar reminders for significant deadlines, or to use a project management software to stay on top of your project deliverables.
  9. Initiate management protocols: including for work with any collaborators/employees, and to ensure deliverables are produced on time.
  10. Plan dissemination strategy: check for any award budget allocated for dissemination, and if needed, apply for College dissemination funding.
  11. Start working!

The U-M Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) website contains additional information.

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