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As you continue to refine your ideas, you will also need to find funding in order to test, develop, and disseminate your ideas.

It is unlikely that a single grant will be able to fund all aspects of your research / creative practice endeavors; rather, you will need to seek a variety of grants (and collaborative teams) to fund the development of various components of your research program and overarching themes. Keep your main career goals and trajectory in mind, as you connect these different facets and project grants together.

Go here for U-M Internal & Unit-led Funding Programs & Sources of Support. 

Go here for College R+CP Incentive Programs to help seed and catalyze your research programs. 

Sources of external funding include:

  1. Government agencies (federal/state/local/international)
  2. Industry/corporations
  3. Foundations (corporate/professional/family)
  4. Professional societies and trade associations

Here are some platforms that are available to help you find external funding sources:

  • U-M Library Funding Portal: This website also lists internal funding opportunities, and proposal development workshops/resources available across campus.
  • Pivot: This is one of the largest databases of funding opportunities, and is accessible through the U-M Library Funding Portal with your U-M login.
  • is another database of funding opportunities, particular for federal grants.
  • The annual NSF Grants Conference: (resources available online) provides new faculty, researchers and administrators with key insights into a wide range of current issues at NSF, including proposal preparation and merit review basics, award management topics and other important information.
  • Foundation Directory Online: This is a database of foundations that shows important information, including what subjects they have funded, locations where they have spent money, and how big their grants have been. This database is accessible through the U-M  Library Funding Portal with your U-M login.
  • U-M Foundation Relations website lists funding opportunities for U-M faculty. It is accessible with your U-M login. Our FR representative for Taubman College is Donna Lartigue,
  • U-M Research Commons: This website contains a list of current opportunities from both external and internal sources.
  • U-M Limited Submissions: contains a list of current opportunities. You can also sign up to receive a weekly email newsletter of opportunities here.
  • This article by the Open Education Database also provides a great list of resources to check when looking for new funding sources.
  • Funding Opportunities curated by U-M Schools & Colleges
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