Independent Study

An independent study course is designed by the student in consultation with a faculty member, to investigate an area or field of specialization not normally covered in a regularly scheduled course offerings by the department. Permission of the instructor and approval by the program chair may be required. 

Architecture Program

To request an Independent Study, architecture students must complete the appropriate form below, obtain the instructor’s signature and submit the form to Taubman College Student Affairs. Student Affairs will have the program chair review the request and, if approved, issue you a permission to enroll in the appropriate independent study (tutorial studies) course.

  • Only one Independent Study course may be elected per term.
  • Independent study credits may be used to fulfill architecture elective requirements.
  • Graduate students must use ARCH 600 (or ARCH 593 for Architectural History) as an independent study course number; undergraduate students must use ARCH 300 or ARCH 400.
  • No more than six credit hours of Independent Study can be counted toward the M.Arch or B.S. Architecture degrees.

Urban and Regional Planning Program

No form is necessary. The faculty member should email confirming that they and the student have agreed on the course parameters (credit hours, scope of work, etc.). The architecture program forms linked above are a great template.

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