Class Permissions/Overrides

Class permissions (sometimes referred to as overrides) are used for a variety of reasons. 

  • Some courses are set up to require consent from the instructor or department for all interested students. 
  • Some courses may have reached their enrollment capacity and are listed as “closed”, but the instructor is willing to accept a few additional students. 
  • Other courses may have specific prerequisite requirements that prevent certain students from registering. 

No matter the reason that a permission is required, they are issued by the department that offers (owns) the course. 

For Taubman College courses, approval from the instructor is needed to receive a permission. Instructors must email indicating their approval and then the College Registrar or Assistant Registrar will enter the permission into Wolverine Access. 

Please note: 

  • If you have been issued a class permission, you are not automatically registered for the class. You must go to the backpack/registration pages within your Student Center and complete the class registration process (click here for help). 
  • Taubman College Advising can only issue permissions for Taubman College courses. If a student is on a waitlist or has questions about registering for non-Taubman College courses they need to contact the school/college/department that owns the course. 

Each permission is issued with a specific expiration date. If you are issued a permission, it’s important that you use the permission by registering for the course before that expiration date.

Details for Faculty

Please note that faculty are not able to issue permissions and we do not take permission requests from students. You must email us with approval of the request ( Please specify your course as well as the student name and their UMID or email address.

Students on the waitlist for your course are encouraged to attend the first day of class and connect with you regarding the possibility of being added to the course. If you approve, email so we can enter a permission for the student.

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