U-M Faculty / Principal Investigator Responsibilities

PEERRS-RCRS Research Training

Complete required PEERRS (Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship) training. All persons engaged in research and scholarship, including faculty, postdocs/fellows, students, and staff, shall complete the PEERRS-RCRS online course to familiarize themselves with their obligations, responsibilities and best practices for research and creative practice within the context of an R1 Public University. This requirement applies to all U-M employees and students engaged in any facet of research and scholarship, regardless of internal or external support. Internal Funds will not be released until the faculty member’s PEERRS modules are completed and registered within the system. Your certification needs refreshing every couple of years, and this is a good thing to do during periods of downtime.  

The two foundational courses that must be completed are: (1) Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship Training, and (2) Research Administration. If you will be conducting a human subjects study, you will need to complete module (3) Human Subjects Research Protection. If you are engaging with any international personnel (including any international students you may hire), it is also required for you to complete module (4) Export Controls.

Conflicts Of Interest + Conflicts Of Commitment

Disclose and manage any Conflicts of Interest (COI) or Conflicts of Commitment (COC) – specifically international relationships. The University Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment can be found here. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the definitions of what constitutes a potential conflict to be disclosed, your responsibilities as a University employee, and that you disclose any potential conflicts as they “arise or are identified.” Make sure to check our Taubman College COI policy here.

Submit a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) 

Submit a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) with Taubman College Research Administrator and ORSP prior to submitting a proposal to the sponsor. Get this started early, in advance of the deadline, as soon as you have the solicitation / RFP and know you will apply. 

  • Taubman College PAF deadline: at least 10 business days prior to sponsor deadline.
  • ORSP PAF deadline: at least 4 business days prior to sponsor deadline.

Use Of Project Funds And Project Overdrafts

College funds may only be used for the project awarded and cannot be used for any purpose/purchase that violates University policies for the use of general funds. 

Sponsored Project funds must be expended in accordance with the rules of the sponsor and as per the approved budget. Faculty are responsible for following all U-M purchase and procurement policies when obtaining supplies or equipment, and seeking any assistance prior to purchases, if necessary. If you require assistance in understanding these policies, please contact the RA.

Any and all project overdrafts are the personal responsibility of the faculty member/principal investigator. Project budgets should be continuously monitored by PIs through the M-Reports system (in Wolverine Access). In the case where faculty project short codes reflect an overdraft, no subsequent College funding will be released until the faculty member/principal investigator meets with the RA to arrange a plan for reimbursement to the College.

Comply with legal requirements and sponsor guidelines in the completion of a project. 

Understand Faculty Responsibilities outlined in the Standard Practice Guide (SPG)

Manage Your Project Account

  • When awards are made, the Taubman College Research Administrator will request a Project Grant / Shortcode for your project account. 
  • Request a P-Card.
  • Monthly review of project accounting (M-Reports)
  • Submit any Concur expense reports within 45 days of expense being made.
  • Close out your account at the end of the project. 

College Visiting Scholars Policy

If you are interested in hosting an external, visiting scholar at Taubman College, make sure to familiarize yourself with the College Visiting Scholars Policy, and in particular, your personal responsibilities as the hosting faculty member.

Download College Visiting Scholars Policy

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