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The R+CP team at Taubman College are available to support you at any time in your research + creative practice endeavors here at Taubman College. The Taubman College R+CP Team provides your unit level support, and we are typically your first point of contact for any questions or support that you might need to conduct your research and creative practice. We will also be able to point you to any other resources you may find helpful. 

Emails should usually be directed to taubmancollegeresearch@umich.edu. It is the best one-stop shop for your R+CP needs. This email reaches the entire R+CP team and will ensure the most timely, coordinated, and efficient response. 

The members of our team are:

Kathy Velikov, Associate Dean for Research + Creative Practice, kvelikov@umich.edu

The Associate Dean for Research + Creative Practice will be able to help strategize with you and guide you along a productive tenure-track (or post-tenure) pathway. Each year, we schedule a meeting for all tenure-track faculty members with the Associate Dean for Research + Creative Practice, the Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives, and your Departmental Program Chair, to discuss and strategize on your progress towards tenure (or career goals). Please do not wait for this meeting to be set up, but do feel free to reach out to the R+CP Team to set this up. The Associate Dean for Research + Creative Practice can also support in connecting faculty with other project partners.

Caitlin Conway, Senior Research Administrator, cmconway@umich.edu

The Research Administrator is available to work with you on all the administrative components of a proposal submission, project set-up and close-out. Of particular importance, they will be able to work with you on developing a proposal budget, so even before you have finalized your proposal narrative, it is good to reach out and start putting a budget together that may help to shape and inform your proposal narrative. The RA will provide assistance in preparing budgets and standard material for proposals and for financial reporting. Where their administrative time permits, they may assist in locating research opportunities and providing support in proposal development. The RA and a member of the finance team will conduct post-award orientation meetings with faculty to review sponsor requirements and assist faculty PIs in understanding their management responsibilities relative to sponsor requirements and related U-M policies.

Gabriel Harp, Director of Research + Creative Practice Development, gharp@umich.edu

The Director of Research + Creative Practice Development provides assistance in research development, which includes strategic support for faculty to develop research programs, outward and inward facing relationship development with project sponsors and partners, and engagement with faculty on major and College-wide research initiatives. works on creating structures to set-up and support faculty for success as much as possible. This could be through helping faculty navigate the complex U-M research system and opportunities/support available, increasing faculty awareness of possibly relevant funding opportunities, providing advice on aligning proposals with sponsor priorities, supporting management of large-scale projects etc. Typically if you are unsure about who can support you or what resources you are looking for, start with here to be pointed in the right direction.

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