Degree Requirements: BS Urban Tech

The Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology combines urbanism, technology, and design to help you build the know-how and determined humility to shape future cities.  UT students take the fall as a gap semester before beginning college courses in winter semester (January) and completing year one with a Cities Intensive in the spring term (May and June). In this unique curriculum, you will also complete a minor of your choosing, bringing depth and diversity to the classroom and connecting you to the wide variety of offerings across U-M. 

View a visual diagram of the current UT curriculum for first-year students.
View a visual diagram of the current UT curriculum for cross-campus transfer students.

Pre-Approved Minor Options

A unique component of the Urban Technology curriculum is the minor requirement. Selecting an interdisciplinary minor will allow you to add additional breadth to our overall plan of study.  You may select a minor from the pre-approved list below, or propose alternatives in discussion with the degree Director.

Pre-Approved Minor Options are listed in the curriculum document.

Degree requirements may vary given the year you were admitted to Taubman College.

For a comprehensive view of requirements related to your entry year, click here.

As always, please don’t hesitate to schedule an advising appointment to gain a clear understanding of your individual degree progression. 

Tip: Make sure you’re taking the time to understand and utilize your individual online advising file.

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