Choosing and Declaring a Minor

I think I know which minor I’m interested in, but want to learn more about my options. Where do I start?

Explore the University website. Every minor should have a page with additional information on its design, requirements, and procedures.

I’m unsure which minor is right for me. How can I narrow down my options?

  • Urban Tech students: Take this online quiz designed specifically for you!
  • Take some time to explore! Use the links above. Talk to other students. Attend some events. Reflect on what interests you most.
  • Save the date for the annual Major / Minor Expo (typically held in March).

I’ve decided what I want to minor in, what’s next?

If you’ve selected a pre-approved minor, it’s time to officially declare it as your minor. Declaration processes will vary slightly by minor and are determined by the campus department/unit that offers the minor. It may include submitting a form, sending an email, and/or meeting with a minor advisor. Refer to their website for next steps and don’t hesitate to reach out to the contact person listed there if you have questions.

Urban Tech Students: If you’re leaning towards a minor that is not pre-approved: Schedule some time to discuss it with Bryan and then an academic advisor.

What happens after I declare a minor?

Once you’ve declared a minor it will be added to your academic record. It is somewhat of an automated process, but you can always check in with Student Affairs to confirm.

You’ll want to follow the expectations of your particular minor and plan to check in with your minor advisor at least once a semester (even if it’s not required), especially around registration time. This will help you make informed decisions when selecting courses and ensure you are making progress towards completing minor requirements.

At the end of your minor (this may be in your final semester or earlier if you’re able to complete the requirements more quickly), you’ll complete a Minor Release process with your minor advisor. This will officially confirm the courses that will count towards your minor and provide Student Affairs with the documentation necessary to approve your minor when you’re ready to graduate.

Is there a deadline for declaring a minor?

Ideally you’ll declare your minor by the end of your second semester. The earlier you do so, the more time you’ll have to start completing requirements towards the minor. It’s also important to note that you can take courses for a minor before officially declaring it. So don’t rush things, but do try to prioritize selecting one.

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