Build Your Broader Impacts Narrative

ARIS Broader Impacts Toolkit

Learn how the ARIS (Advancing Research Impact in Society) Toolkit can help you communicate the societal impacts of your research & creative practice. The tools in the ARIS Toolkit will help you plan, develop, and assess the rigor of your Broader Impact plan. These tools are designed to assist researchers with the development and assessment of plans that accompany research proposals submitted to the NSF and include video resources, tutorials, example case studies, rubrics to help assess their work, and checklists to help them apply established effective practices from the education and outreach field.

  • How can my work benefit society?
  • How can it help solve challenges facing communities?
  • How can I partner with communities to expand the exchange of information, ideas, practices, concepts, and expertise in ways that benefit society?

The ARIS toolkit supports researchers and creative practitioners in planning and applying effective strategies to explain their work, and although these resources were built around NSF Broader Impacts criteria and narratives, they are nonetheless broadly applicable to many funder frameworks and criteria for proposals. 

This work is beneficial to researchers and creative practitioners who are responsible for driving experience and discovery, to practitioners who collaborate with researchers and community stakeholders, and to the public who benefit from research, creative practice, and education advancements.

The ARIS toolkit helps researchers partner with communities to think about their research beyond just communicating with their peers.

This toolkit will provide meaningful tools that help you think about the bigger picture of how your work can benefit society and how you can work with communities and the public to understand and even participate in university research and creative practice activities.

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