Budget and Project Templates

A variety of templates are available to help you develop a strong proposal, and effectively manage your projects.

Choose the budget template below that best matches your project scope:

Template_Project Schedule.xlsx A gantt chart template for building a project deliverables / roles timeline. 

Template_Budget (1yr).xlsx For one year projects (external funders).

Template_Budget (3yr).xlsx For three year projects (external funders). 

Template_Budget (3yr with cost-share).xlsx For three year projects with cost sharing (external funders).

Template_Budget Justification.docx Budget justification template (usually required for most grants). 

Template_Internal Project Budget.xlsx Use this budget template for internal U-M proposals (omits IDC). 

Template_Internal Project Budget NoMatch.xlsx Use this budget template for internal U-M proposals (omits IDC and no matching funds or cost share included). 

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