Art and Architecture Building

The Art and Architecture Building provides nearly 240,000 square feet of space equally divided between two academic units of the University: Taubman College and the School of Art & Design. In addition, the Taubman Wing, which was completed in 2017, offers an additional 36,000 square feet of studio facilities, faculty offices, and collaborative learning space.

Building Policies and Culture

As a shared space, we have many combined building policies and services. Taubman College occupies the south side of the building, which includes studio spaces on the third floor, in addition to the TV Lab and FABLab. Art & Design occupies the north side of the building. The courtyard is a shared communal space.


The building is open and unlocked during fall and winter terms from 7 AM–10 PM on weekdays; 7 AM–7 PM on weekends. After hours, members of the Art & Architecture community can use their MCard at the six main building entrances to access the building.


The building has lockers available for Taubman College student, faculty, and staff storage, located on the first floor south hallway. Registration is not required; simply place a lock on a locker of your choosing. Lockers must be vacated prior to the end of the academic year. The locker is college property and standards of maintenance must be adhered to.

Rules for using lockers:

  • You are responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of your locker in good condition. You may not damage the paint, drill holes in the locker, paint it, wallpaper it, etc.
  • The locker may not be used to store dangerous materials, substances, or weapons.
  • The locker may not be used to store food.
  • Please, no writing or posting on the outside of your locker.
  • You must remove all of your items by the posted date at the end of the academic year (beginning of May). There is absolutely no storage permitted in lockers over the spring/summer recess.
  • Materials remaining in your locker after the posted clean-out date will be removed and disposed of.
  • You must be a member of the Art & Architecture community.

Lost and Found

Contact the Taubman College Facilities Supervisor, Andy Christenson, Room 2208 (office hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.),, or 734.763.3132.

Studio Policies and Culture

Taubman College is committed to a positive and respectful learning environment through the encouragement of the fundamental values of optimism, respect, sharing, engagement, and innovation between and among the members of its faculty, student body, administration, and staff. Key to a healthy and productive learning environment is the establishment of an efficient daily routine that balances the well-being of the individual student with high academic standards. Taubman College encourages students and faculty to appreciate these values as guiding principles of professional conduct throughout their careers. Personal and equipment security is everyone’s responsibility. Respect the place and clean up after yourself.


Contact the Taubman College Facilities Supervisor, Andy Christenson, Room 2208 (office hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.),, or 734.763.3132.

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