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Guidelines for Posting Items on University Property

As a public university, we recognize and respect the right of members of the college community to set forth their views and opinions at the university, which includes speech on posters or flyers posted where they are allowed. Refer to the U-M Guidelines for Posting Flyers, Posters, and Other Related Items on University Property for posting on exterior spaces. Allowable spaces within the Art and Architecture Building are limited to bulletin boards in shared spaces such as hallways, stairwells, and study lounges.  Refer to the Guidelines for Posting Flyers in the Art and Architecture Building.

Expression of diverse points of view is of the highest importance, not only for those who espouse a cause or position and then defend it but also for those who hear and pass judgment on that defense. That principle means the university would not remove flyers posted in an allowed space because they include speech that some may find pernicious, false, or in any other way detestable. 

Our deep commitment to free expression does not extend to speech or conduct that violates the law or university policy, including targeted speech that involves bullying, defamation, destruction of property, harassment, or threats. This bedrock principle of our community is described in detail in the university‚Äôs Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression policy.

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