Social Media Graphics – Accepted!

Celebrate Your Admission It’s time to celebrate your admission to Taubman College! Facebook Cover To use: Right click on image, select Save image as… Instagram Image To use: Right click on image, select Save image as… LinkedIn Cover To use: Right click on image, select Save image as… X (formerly Twitter) Cover To use: Right click on image,


Printing in Taubman College The College provides a variety of printing options for its users from basic black and white printing to high-end color plotting. Refer to the Printing Wizard below to find out where each printer is located and how to print to it. Those designated “MPrint” printers can be used with your $24

Computer Lab Resources

Taubman College Software List Lab location: 2109 Art & Architecture Building    Applications Version Lab locations Acoustic 2D 9 2109 Lab Acoustic 3D 9 2109 Lab Adobe Acrobat DC Current 2109 Lab Adobe After Effects CC Current 2109 Lab Adobe Bridge CC Current 2109 Lab Adobe Illustrator Current 2109 Lab Adobe InCopy CC Current 2109

File Storage

College students can accumulate substantial amounts of data from their courses, including photos, images, documents and projects, datasets, and downloaded course material.  University agreements with Google and DropBox provide each student with 250Gb of storage on Google and 5Tb of storage on DropBox.  The College also provides shared storage for courses who need additional space or have particular collaboration needs.  External storage drives

Multi-Media Carts

There are 11 Multi-Media Carts available to faculty and students 24/7. Three carts use 40″ NEC LCD displays, two are 60″ LCD displays, and 6 are 55″ displays using OLED technology.  There are VGA and DVI cables and adapters for displays with those inputs, and HDMI cables and adapters for the OLED displays, to connect your

Remote Access

Virtual Sites. Essentially the same software offered on Campus Computing Sites machines — includes ArcGIS, AutoCAD and 3DS Max, Adobe applications and Microsoft Office; Rhino has also been added to this group. Accessible either through a light-weight downloadable client or a browser. The “Virtual Sites Overflow” option provides accelerated graphics, although this is sometimes a

Internet Access

Wireless Wireless is available through the building and campus.  Select the “MWireless” network for the simplest, fastest, most secure connection; “MWireless” provides access to all University resources.  “MGuest” is intended for University visitors; selecting this network, bringing up a browser, and providing an e-mail address, as prompted, will provide access to basic Internet services (e.g. mail) but a number of University services