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Grad Certificate Requirements: Real Estate Development

A 17-credit certificate in real estate development offers graduate students in many fields the opportunity to supplement their major areas of study with broad knowledge about making substantially better metropolitan developments. The program is also a stand-alone certificate for those full-time and part-time students who want to focus only on real estate development.

Click here for more information about RED Cert. requirements.

Ready to graduate?

Step 1: Apply to Graduate

All certificate students must apply to graduate from their certificate program. If you are also enrolled in a degree program, you will submit two applications to graduate – one for your degree program and one for your certificate.

Step 2: Complete Dual/Joint Degree Election Form

This step is only for students completing a certificate in addition to a degree. Those completing only the certificate as a standalone can disregard this section. 

You’ll need to list the courses to be applied to your degree program on one side and the courses for your Real Estate Development Certificate on the other. Any courses being double-counted, should appear on both sides and be designated with a DC. 

  • If your degree is also a Taubman College program: Fill out the form and submit it to TaubmanCollegeAdvising@umich.edu. We will obtain the required signatures for you and submit the completed form to Rackham. 
  • If your degree is not a Taubman College program: Fill out the form and submit it to TaubmanCollegeAdvising@umich.edu first. We will obtain the required signature for your certificate and return the form to you for submission to your other school/unit. 

If you have any questions while filling out the form, contact your academic advisor(s) for one or both of your programs.

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