Resources Across Campus

The following centers and offices on campus may be of interest in your career development.

H-1B Sponsorship

Some international students may seek to obtain an H-1B visa to work in the United States after graduating from Taubman College. The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows U.S. employers to hire temporary workers in specialty occupations. You cannot apply for an H-1B visa yourself – you must be sponsored by your

Urban Technology

The following resources are relevant to those in Urban Technology. Urban Tech industries and verticals to consider:


The process of building relationships with fellow students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals is referred to as networking. Developing a strong professional network can be extremely helpful as you pursue your career goals. The individuals in your network can provide you with professional advice and share information about their personal career experiences. In some cases,

Spring Break Opportunities

Many students seek to pursue professional development opportunities during spring break. We facilitate this by inviting employers to submit job shadows and micro-internship opportunities. What are job shadows and micro-internships? These are short-term opportunities for you to observe meetings, learn more about employers, network with professionals, and (potentially) work on projects. There are a few

Taubman Career Outcomes

Part of our work includes collecting data from students and alumni as to their career aspirations, interests, and outcomes. Our annual Employment Reports are available via the college website, and outline the career outcomes of our graduates one year after they complete their degree from Taubman College. In addition to surveying our alumni, we survey

Additional Career Content

Did you miss a workshop, career chat, or other professional development event? If so, you can review content from past events, including slide decks and video recordings. Access our Career & Professional Development Content through Google Drive using your U-M credentials.

Evaluating + Negotiating Offers

Receiving an offer for a job or internship is exciting! In order to make the best decision, you should evaluate your offer and consider negotiating. Doing research in advance will help you to feel prepared to negotiate, as well as help you to respond to your potential employer in a timely manner. Students can learn


An interview is an opportunity for a candidate and employer to learn more about one another and assess a potential fit. Being well-prepared throughout the interview process will help you to successfully share your qualifications with an employer and improve your chances of receiving a job or internship offer. Research As you conduct your search

Intentional Job + Internship Searching

Being intentional as you search for jobs, internships and professional opportunities can make the process easier. We recommend that you conduct research throughout your time at Taubman College as your career goals and interests evolve. We recommend that you keep track of information that may be useful in your job or internship search. Keep notes