Using AI for Professional Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as chatbots, can be used to enhance your professional documents, aid in career exploration, prepare for interviews, and much more. Learn more about some of these applications of artificial intelligence in professional development below.

Applications of AI

These are just some of the potential applications of AI for professional development:

  • Resume Writing. Analyze how your resume aligns with a job or internship description. Improve bullet points to effectively outline your skills and experience.
  • Cover Letter Writing. Summarize experience from your resume in paragraph form. Analyze job descriptions to identify the most important skills and experience to highlight in your cover letter. Brainstorm phrasing to showcase interest in an employer.
  • Interview Preparation. Hypothesize potential interview questions based on job descriptions. Generate responses to interview questions in STAR format based on your resume. Ask for feedback on your responses.
  • Job or Internship Searching. Find job or internship title recommendations based on your skills and background. Learn more about what each roles entails and the skills needed for success with queries.
  • Employer Identification. Search for employers hiring for the types of roles you are interested in. Use known employers to identify additional ones that are operating in the same industry and/or location.
  • Networking. Develop questions to ask during an informational interview. Craft messages for initial outreach to an industry contact or Taubman alumnus.
  • Salary Research and Negotiation Preparation. Learn about salaries for different roles based on experience level, location, and other factors. Generate potential talking points for a negotiation to determine how to best phrase your requests to an employer.

Ethical Use of AI

We encourage you to explore how AI can improve your career preparation and development. However, it is important to use these tools ethically. Your documents and messages should always be written in your own words and should accurately reflect your education, skills, and accomplishments. Some enhancements recommended by AI may not reflect your actual experience. As such, these tools should be used to improve, not write, your documents and messages.

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