Spring Break Opportunities

Many students seek to pursue professional development opportunities during spring break. We facilitate this by inviting employers to submit job shadows and micro-internship opportunities.

What are job shadows and micro-internships?

These are short-term opportunities for you to observe meetings, learn more about employers, network with professionals, and (potentially) work on projects. There are a few differences between the two:

  • Job Shadows are observational only. While each job shadow is different, it might include observing meetings, visiting job sites, conducting informational interviews, or networking.
    • Eligibility: Specified by the employer.
    • Compensation: None.
  • Micro-Internships are similar to job shadows, but may also include project work. Each micro-internship is different, but project work may include participating in meetings, completing renderings, or doing research.
    • Eligibility: Must be authorized to work and/or able to obtain work authorization. Required qualifications will be further specified by the employer.
    • Compensation: Varies.

Because micro-internships involve work, and may also involve compensation, work authorization (or the ability to obtain work authorization in the form of CPT) is required to participate.

Opportunities will be posted to the Jobs board on the Taubman College Career Network. You may submit an application through the system, which will go directly to the employer.

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