Time Code Cheat Sheet

This document includes a list of the most commonly used time codes for regular staff members. It explains what each code means, how to use them, and in some cases, how not to use them. 

All staff members should fill out their timesheets correctly and honestly with the proper time codes (and proper time to the nearest tenth of an hour for nonexempt staff).

All supervisors should be approving timesheets carefully to make sure that staff members are submitting their time correctly with the proper time codes and hourly amounts.

Time Reporting CodeTime Reporting Code DescriptionWhen to UseNote
EDUEducational TimeUsed to record hours away for attending class at an accredited college/university SPG. 201.69 – A staff member may be granted up to 3 hours per week of release time from work with pay upon approval from supervisor
ETWExcused Time Without PayUsed for recording approved time that should not be paidThis is generally for new employees who need time off and do not have enough paid time off hours accrued
FRLFuneral TimeUsed to record hours for funeral time for eligible family members SPG 201.03 – This policy can only be used on immediate family members. You will use VAC in all other cases.
HOLHoliday TimeUsed to record time away due to a paid university designated holidaySPG 201.26University holidaysPlease do not use the HOL code for your vacation time
NOVNo variation from scheduleUsed for exempt employees when no exception time (VAC, SCK, etc.) is taken for the month Monthly time reporting instructions
REGRegular TimeUsed for nonexempt employees to record hours workedBiweekly time reporting instructions Time must be submitted to the nearest tenth of an hour
SCKSick preventativeUsed to record hours for sick time due to scheduled appointmentsAppointments must be scheduled and approved in advance by the staff member’s immediate supervisor.
SCLSick illness/injuryUsed to record hours for sick time due to illness or injurySPG 201.11-0 – Regular staff members are eligible for up to 15 days (120 hours) of short term sick time pay annually to cover illnesses or injuries
SEASeason DayUsed to record time away for university season daysSPG 201.16-1University season days
SKFFamily CareUsed to record sick time used for family care SPG 201.11-0 – Family care must meet the circumstances within the SPG. It cannot be used for child care when school is closed. Staff have to use vacation for that.
VACVacation TimeUsed to record time away for vacationSPG 201.64-0
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