Room Reservations

Requests for event space should be directed to the Events and Room Scheduling Google form. Taubman College classroom and auditorium capacities, capabilities, and availability can be viewed here. Review the Space Usage Policy for Taubman Events found in the Taubman College Events Scheduling Policies

Event Space Considerations

Select a space that can accommodate your event format needs.

  • Are you hosting a standing reception with brief remarks, do you need theatre style seating for a presentation, are you having a sit-down meal, is this a social event with music? Select an appropriate space to accommodate your need and provides ease of location for your guests.
  • If using space in a multi-use space, ask if there are other events taking place around your event at the same time – how close is the other event (for noise issues and flow of guest arrival). If using a space in a public place, is it in an open location that’s accessible to others, or a private enclosed space?
  • Do not advertise an event until a space has been secured.
  • Room Layouts: If a special setup is needed for an event, your room layout diagram/s should include all requests/needs clearly stated and explained. If you need additional furniture or assistance that Taubman cannot provide, it is suggested you connect with a local event rental company for assistance. Any rental furniture or equipment will need to be part of your event budget.
  • Working with event support personnel – they are dealing with multiple priorities and this is just one of many events they will be handling at that time. Be very clear with expectations, and follow-up to make sure you are all on the same page with everything prior to your event.
  • Arrive early to your event space for a walk through to check on your setup and address any issues or last minute changes to be made. If possible, visit your space and test equipment in the days or weeks leading up to your event to familiarize yourself ahead of time.

Common Areas

Event space includes, but is not limited to, Courtyard (A&AB shared), Commons (Taubman wing), Undercroft (Taubman Wing outdoors), Auditorium (A&AB shared). Please keep in mind that there is no built-in A/V infrastructure in the Courtyard, Commons or Undercroft. If you have materials to present, you should plan to reserve the appropriate A/V Loanable Technology needed.
Please note: the volume of any event taking place in common areas during weekdays should not disrupt our faculty, staff, and students’ ability to work and conduct meetings.

Meeting Rooms

There are multiple meeting spaces in the Art & Architecture Building. 

  • Saarinen Conference Room (2224, 2nd floor): Taubman College staff may reserve this space using the Saarinen Calendar and adding it as a room in the Google Calendar invite.
  • Lorch Conference Room (2207, 2nd floor): Taubman College staff may reserve this space using the Lorch Calendar and adding it as a room in the Google Calendar invite.
  • Glass Meeting Rooms (2369, 2373, 2377, 2nd floor, Taubman wing): These spaces are considered classrooms. They can be reserved through the Events and Room Scheduling Google form.
  • Review Spaces (3rd floor studios): These are flexible spaces and can be reserved by filling out the Events + Room Scheduling form.
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