Event Planning Guide

Events and public programming make up a great part of the culture and activities at Taubman College. In this section, you’ll find best practices for coordinating events, things to know, and our strategy for public programming. Here are some resources you may find useful as you move forward in planning and promoting an event. 

Public programs at Taubman College encompass lectures, symposia, conferences, workshops, panels, exhibitions, and other events that engage students, faculty, alumni, professionals, and other visitors outside our curriculum. Learn more about our public programming strategy

Event Planning Timeline

6 Months – 1 Year Prior

When planning any upcoming event, check your proposed date against the college calendar, Google Calendar for Taubman College Events to select an event date that doesn’t conflict with other college programming.

4 – 5 Months Prior

2 – 3 Months Prior

1 Month Prior

Day of the Event

Taubman College Google Events Calendar

The College uses an events calendar to centrally track events from multiple teams and to share information that needs to be accessible to larger groups. This is an internal calendar for faculty and staff to see what is happening throughout the building in an effort to avoid conflicting events and space usage. When planning any upcoming event, reference the Taubman College Events Google Calendar for previously scheduled happenings.

Event Planning Additional Resources

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