5-Axis CNC Router

The 5-Axis router expands the FABLab’s capacity to perform subtractive fabrication of large volumetric parts. The machine also enables complex joinery of parts by allowing undercuts and compound miter cuts.

Dimensional Limitations

The 5-Axis CNC router has a bed size of 5 feet by 8 feet. These XY dimensions are reduced when using 3+1 and 5-Axis toolpaths. Height limitations are greater than the 3-Axis CNC routers, but more complicated to define and vary depending upon stock dimensions, tool choice and toolpath design. The combined height of the material and cutting tool cannot exceed ~3 feet.


As a general rule, 5-Axis CNC toolpathing is more time consuming and more complex than 3-Axis CNC toolpathing. There are a very limited number of machine operators with the proper experience to run jobs, therefore the machine is more commonly used for advanced fabrication coursework and research rather than as a standard service.


The most common materials used on the router are foam, mdf and plywood.


In general, use of the 5-axis CNC Router is limited to research and specific coursework. External use of the machine is very limited on a case-by-case basis. To discuss the application, email taubmancollegefablab@umich.edu.

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