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Who Do I Contact for Help?

Because of the complex nature of the university’s work in a wide range of areas, there are many compliance requirements that intersect with individual activities and roles in different ways. Each topic section listed under topics & contacts gives a brief overview of the U-M compliance resources available in that area and contact information for experts who can help you. Within the college, you can also reach out to a colleague, supervisor, HR, or DEI for support and guidance navigating this complex system.

Reporting at the University of Michigan

There are times that things do not work out the way we think they should, are unfair or illegal. Some of those cases are handled at the University level. Learn about University of Michigan reporting resources to figure out what is the appropriate route using the links below.

Ethics, Integrity, and Compliance

The ethics, integrity, and compliance website was created in order to raise awareness about the importance of compliance, direct the U-M community to the most relevant topics & contacts resources and training resources and provide useful information about the best ways to report a concern.

Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office

The equity, civil rights and title IX office is an administrative office, not an internal judicial or legal office. Its function is to offer resources, prevention and education programs, and to ensure university policies and procedures regarding discrimination or discriminatory harassment have been followed.

Office of the Staff OMBUDS

The Office of the Staff Ombuds provides free and confidential problem-solving and conflict resolution services for all staff on the Ann Arbor campus and at Michigan Medicine.

Contact information: staffombuds@umich.edu (Note: Please do not include any confidential information in your email — only when and how you can best be contacted.)

Work Connections

Work Connections is an integrated disability management program developed by the University of Michigan to help employees and supervisors when an employee experiences an injury or illness that prevents working.

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