Metals Lab

The Metals Lab provides tools, equipment, training, and workspace for small and large scale projects involving sheet metals and steel structural sections. MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding stations are available for student and faculty use as well as a range of equipment for cutting, bending and finishing metals. The Metals Lab allows for a range of fabrication as well as exploratory work in support of studio and thesis work, research, and design–build projects.

Introductory tutorials in MIG welding and metals fabrication can be scheduled through the lab coordinator.

Metals Lab Hours

Due to safety protocols during the Covid pandemic, for the 2020-21 academic year access to the Metals Lab will be by scheduled appointment only.

Welding Tutorial Scheduling

Tutorials are limited to two per session and will last 1-1/2 hours depending on the size of the training group. If you cannot make your scheduled tutorial session, please contact the coordinator with as much lead time as possible as there may be another person waiting for a session.

You are required to read the MIG Welding Introduction before attending a welding training session.

Project Assistance for Students + Faculty

We can provide assistance in the planning and execution of your work involving metal fabrications involving coursework, special projects and research activity.

Contact and Information

Coordinator: Mick Kennedy / 1224 A+A /

A reference handbook has been prepared to orient users to the Metals Lab tools, procedures, and operations. Users are strongly encouraged to review these materials prior to contacting the lab or lab coordinator.

Metals Lab Handbook (PDF)

Metals Lab Shop + Equipment Scheduling

Please review available dates and times for scheduling shop space and equipment use in the Metals Lab.

Use the scheduling form link below to send your request. We will respond promptly.

Schedule Equipment + Shop Use

Metals Lab Tutorials + Training

MIG welding training is limited to two participants at a time. The introductory tutorial should last between 1 to 1-1/2 hours. All University and FabLab safety protocols will be strictly enforced.

Please wear appropriate work clothing and closed-toe leather shoes.

You are required to read the MIG Welding Introduction before attending a welding training session.

Schedule Training

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