Note: Pre-printed letterhead is available in the Dean’s Suite.

There are 3 letterhead template options – blank, with shapes + address, and without shapes + address.

  1. Blank – Use the “blank” version if printing on the pre-printed letterhead. (This is the preferred option in order to ensure the maintenance of design and color integrity.)
  2. With Shapes – Use the “with shapes” version if sharing as a pdf to be viewed on-screen only. (Do not use this version if printing yourself or sending it to a recipient who will print it out themselves.)
  3. No Shapes – Use the “no shapes” version if printing yourself on blank paper or sending it to a recipient that will print it out themselves.

A letterhead template is also available in a Google Doc format. The Google Doc format is only available without shapes. To request access, use the Google Drive request via the template link, or contact Lynette Anderson at landrsn@umich.edu.


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