Instructional Resources

Online Resources

The University provides a number of cloud-based applications aiding in learning, teaching and collaboration.  Canvas (Learning Management System), Qualtrics (Survey Software), BlueJeans (Cloud Based Video Conferencing), U-M Google (Collaboration Software), and U-M Box (Cloud Based Secure File Storage) are all tools that the University has licensed for faculty, staff and students.  Additional information can be found at the links below.  For assistance with these tools, contact

Physical Resources

The University of Michigan provides top-notch technology resources that promote engagement and enrichment and encourage innovative research.  Some of the resources of interest to Architecture and Urban Planning are highlighted below.  

Spatial and Numeric Data (SAND) Lab – North

SAND Lab North is located in 2107A of the Art and Architecture Building.  Software includes ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, R, Adobe CS6 and more.  More info about the SAND Lab can be found here.

Duderstadt Center

The Duderstadt Center is located across the street from the Art and Architecture Building on Bonisteel Blvd.  They provide a number of cutting edge tools and collaborative resources.  that include the Digital Media Commons (3D Lab, GroundWorks Media Lab, Video Studio, Design Labs, etc.) the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library and other services.  More info about the Duderstadt Center can be found here.  

Office of Academic Innovation

The Office of Academic Innovation is “charged with creating a culture of innovation in learning”.  There are three labs: Digital Education & Innovation Lab (DEIL), Gameful Learning Lab (GLL) and the Digital Innovation Greenhouse (DIG).  More information about OAI can be found here

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