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Classroom Technology at Taubman College

There are 8 classrooms (1221, 2104, 2108, 2204, 2210, 2213, 2222, 2227), 2 review spaces (East and West) and 1 video conference/telepresence room (2224) in Taubman College.  Each space is equipped with projection and audio for classroom instruction.  There are no computers or DVD players in any of the spaces.

With the start of Fall 2017 all classrooms and review spaces will include high-resolution laser projectors supporting current digital outputs (e.g. HDMI, DisplayPort), as well as earlier VGA technology.  Since architecture and planning instruction relies heavily on detailed imagery, geographical information and data, these upgrades will provide the best possible instructional experience for both faculty and students. User instructions are posted in each room.  

To review classroom availability, see Room Information and Signup on the Taubman College Webpage:


Auditorium – Room 2104

The auditorium seats about 150 and is equipped with high-end digital technology including:

  • HDMI and VGA connections (HDMI to mini-display port and HDMI to display port adapters available)
  • 6 Shure wireless microphones (3 desktop, 2 lavalier, 1 handheld)
  • 1 wired podium microphone
  • 10000 lumen Epson HD projector
  • Crestron control system
  • Surround sound speaker system
  • Lighting controls
  • Large matte white projection screen (14.75’ x 19.6’)     

The auditorium is the only space with the CAEN lecture capture system installed.  The lecture capture system can be used to record courses, events and lectures.  More information about CAEN lecture capture can be found at  http://caen.engin.umich.edu/lecrecording/overview.  For assistance with CAEN lecture capture, please see support options listed below.

Multi-Media Carts

Multi-media carts (large screen LCD panels on mobile carts) have LCD panels (7) that range in size from 40” to 60” and provide flexibility for a variety of uses but are mainly purposed for studio instruction and small group meetings.  Reservations for the carts are made online via this page.

Video Conferencing and Telepresence System

The video conference/telepresence system is housed in the Saarinen Conference room (2224).  The HD Cisco system works with the University licensed BlueJeans Video Conferencing platform and can also be used to make conference calls.       

For immediate assistance with any of the technology in any room or multi-media cart, faculty, staff and students can contact the MiWorkspace helpdesk (2107A).  For advanced support, maintenance, or suggestions, faculty, staff and students can contact Bill Manspeaker (man@umich.edu); 2115A Art and Architecture Building).

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