Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors are a primary resource for students. Students look to them for help with elective course selection and sharing their perspective on the degree program and industry overall. Students also rely on faculty advisors for advice on navigating graduate school and the demands of a semester. Faculty advisors help students think through how their in-class work and activities beyond the classroom (research, campus involvement, volunteerism, work, etc.) will help prepare them for their next steps after graduation.

Student Affairs works with the program chairs to assign a faculty advisor to each incoming student.

Details for Students

Your faculty advisor’s name will be listed in your Student Center at the beginning of your first Fall term. Look under the ‘Program Advisor’ section on the right-hand side of your Student Center homepage.

Student Center Dashboard

Details for Faculty

You will be notified of your advisee assignments via email just prior to the Fall term. You are encouraged to reach out to your advisees to introduce yourself and share how you prefer to be contacted. Some faculty have enjoyed sending regular communications to their assigned advisees or scheduling opportunities to gather virtually or in-person for networking.

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