BS Arch Foundational Studio Modules

The required pre-architecture sequence for undergraduate architecture students includes a set of nine project-based, foundational studio modules. Each module is a half-term, taught over seven weeks. Students are required to take any six modules in any sequence during their first two years of study. 

Widely spanning in content from the digital to analog, and from 2D to 3D, each module delivers an introductory exercise. Capacities are built through aggregation, not sequential accumulation. Modules assemble students with varying levels of experience, encouraging peer-to-peer learning, dialogue, and mentorship.

Available modules

  • ARCH 251: Seeing
  • ARCH 252: Measuring
  • ARCH 253: Scale
  • ARCH 254: Projection
  • ARCH 255: Imaging
  • ARCH 256: Immersion
  • ARCH 257: Assembly
  • ARCH 258: Translation
  • ARCH 259: Orientation

Visit the Taubman College Course List to view module offerings for the current term.

When are modules offered?

Each module is offered at least once each Fall and Winter term. 

Who can take module courses?

Foundational studio modules, ARCH 251-259, are open to all undergraduate students at U-M. A few seats in each module are initially reserved for current architecture students. 

No. Students are encouraged to take their required six modules in any order. You might start with ARCH 253 while another student starts with ARCH 257 and a third begins with ARCH 251. All are completely valid paths through the foundational studio milestones in your first two years. 

How do I enroll in a module?

Add the course to your backpack and proceed with registration. If the course is full and/or the waitlist is activated, join the waitlist. 

What if I’m on the waitlist for a module?

Attend the first day of class and talk to the instructor about whether they can approve you officially joining the class. If they approve, they need to email so you can be issued a time-limited permission to enroll. Please note that seats in modules are limited by the overall capacity of the course and the space in which it is scheduled. Faculty will generally approve students moving off of the waitlist, if it is possible, but you must show up and ask. 

How late can I join a module?

Module courses close after the first class session. As half-term courses, the content is too condensed to allow for students to join the course late. Exceptions are rare, but in extenuating circumstances the module instructor can approve late additions. They must communicate their approval directly to who will issue a time-limited permission for the student to enroll. 

How many modules can/should I take in one semester?

We strongly recommend taking only two modules each semester. However, you may enroll in a maximum of 3 modules in one semester (Fall or Winter), and up to 2 modules in the same half-term. 

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