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Student Fellowship & Scholarship Opportunities

Taubman College Taubman College currently offers all financial aid assistance at the point of admission. However, our Taubman College Student Affairs team knows that your financial need still exists, and often changes or grows during your academic career. To help assist students in navigating the various opportunities available for additional funding, Student Affairs has established a process for compiling, evaluating, communicating and supporting student applications for a wide-range of opportunities.

The main platform for this information is the Taubman College Student Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities (SFSO) website. 

Funding opportunities included within the SFSO site fall into the following primary categories: 

  • Awards: submit work to be considered for a prize
  • Research: build upon your research interests and find funding to support that work
  • Residencies: connect with museums or other institutions and live/work/research in residence
  • Scholarships: academic awards
  • Travel: create a travel proposal and apply to have it funded. 

The Opportunities List on the SFSO site is updated regularly and Student Affairs sends monthly email reminders to all students that include special alerts of top opportunities and nearing deadlines. The list is not all-inclusive, rather, it incorporates a select set of opportunities that have been vetted and reviewed by Taubman College administration. 

The Academic Advising team can assist students in confirming their eligibility for specific opportunities, help prepare required paperwork from the college to support applications, and connect you with members of the SFSO faculty committee to gain additional perspective and advice on your application materials. 

This presentation from CEW+ on the difference between Fellowships, Scholarships and Aid may also be useful. (PDF of Slides)

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